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This blog is a collection of information that I have put together that might help the prospective horse owner make a decision that is right for him or her. If you are thinking of buying a horse for your child, of course you want this animal to be “safe.” Well, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “perfectly safe” horse. These big animals are very often inconsistent in their behavior, just like a human would be. They have good days and bad days and you just never know from one time to the next. Something that they are completely familiar with may scare the hide off them at another time. AS long as you remember this, you will be able to keep your child as safe as possible.


There is an old adage that says: “think with your head and not with your heart. Don’t let your emotions run away with you, or you might end up with a horse that will.” Very sound advice in the horse buying business. There are so many sellers who just want to make money, and they actually know nothing about the background of the horse, or if they do they choose not to reveal it if it means losing a sale. Don’t buy any animal without first asking about the background or history of the animal. A horse that is registered will have paperwork that you can use to get in touch with the previous owner. You may be very surprised at what you might hear.


If the horse has no papers or is not registered you can ask for a copy of vet records, documentation of its background, results of the Coggins test, and a prior bill of sale. Don’t ever take the word of the seller without positive proof! If the seller has no proof of the history of the horse this should raise a red flag for you. Ask if you can take the animal to try him out for a certain period of time, but always make sure you get something in writing before you hand over your hard earned cash. Many a horror story has been born because unscrupulous sellers pulled the wool over the eyes of a naive buyer. Don’t be one of these buyers! Oh, and don’t buy any horse just because you like the color of his coat!


Here is a checklist to guide you when you purchase your first horse, and some questions you should always ask:

  • Is this horse trained and gentle?
  • Is the hose healthy and sound?
  • Are there vet records available?
  • Is it the right horse for what you are going to use it for?
  • Is this the right size horse for me/my child?
  • Is the seller willing to sign a contract and give you a bill of sale that is detailed?

Once you educate yourself on the art of horse buying, ask all the appropriate questions, and obtain written proof, you are well on your way to becoming a horse owner! Just be absolutely positive that you are making the right choice, especially if this is your first horse buying experience. There is no reason you can’t walk away a winner if you know what you are doing! Be careful, ask lots of questions, examine the horse or have someone do it for you, and then after a lot of thought, make your decision based on the facts presented to you.

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