Buying Your Horse from an Auction Sale

Well, now that you have decided to buy a horse, you need to know where to go to find one, right? If you live in an area that has horse auctions, you could make this the first stop on your hunt for the perfect animal. Before you do though, make sure you take someone with you who is familiar with the way these auction sales run. It is not as simple as you may think, and you have to be very careful when buying one of these animals. Yes, they may look terrific on the outside, but there may be a lot of issues with health and temperament.


There are plenty of horror stories concerning some of the equine auctions, however. And most of them have to do with buyers getting a lot less than what they paid for. So many things can be wrong with the horse you are considering, and unscrupulous sellers know this, but try to cover it up. Disease is also a concern with auction sites, and it can run rampant if infected horses are brought for sale. It is not unheard of for someone to purchase a single horse with a disease that infects all the others he owns. There are places where cattle and horse auctions are held on the same day, or in the same place the next day., so you have to be especially careful about buying a horse at this time.


Potential buyers face a lot of hazards at an equine auction. The only way to be sure you are avoiding each one is to be extremely cautious before settling on one horse in particular. Do your homework! Inspect the horse thoroughly before it enters the sales ring. You certainly don’t want to wind up paying way too much for an animal just because you liked the way it looked. Make sure you take the time to examine each horse you are interested in., otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself if you get stuck with an animal that doesn’t live up to the sales spiel.

Teenage girl grooming horse

This is not to say that people should be leery of buying at auction barns, however. If you prepare in advance they can be excellent places to purchase good, quality horseflesh. Allow yourself plenty of time bu arriving at the auction early. This way, you will be able to tour the barns and compare what is going up for sale later on. You can talk to the seller, try out the horse if you want to, or the seller can demonstrate it for you. One of the surest ways to find out a ton of information is to talk to the groom who is handling the horse. They know better than anyone what the animal is like.

Take someone with you who has been around horses for a long time. An experienced horse person can look the animal over, spot any defects in conformation, and take note of the temperament of the horse. If you are intending to spend a considerable amount of money you might bring your vet along so that he may examine the animal. You could even ask for x-rays to be taken that can spot any joint problems, especially if you are looking at a show horse. You have to decide ahead of time if you really want this horse, and what kind of money you are willing to spend comfortably, and don’t be persuaded to pay any more, no matter what! Remember that excitement runs high at these auctions, so don’t get carried away by doing something that you are going to regret after the adrenalin rush wears off.

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