Basic Horse Sense

Whether you are a first time horse buyer or are simply dreaming about someday owning your own steed there are basic things that everyone should know, and most of them are just common sense. Well, anyone who has ever owned a horse has been a “first-timer” at one point. And of all these people, each one will have a different answer to the same question. The one common thread in all the answers given is that they all rely on plain old common sense!


Getting Your First Horse

If you are getting your first horse, you have to decide beforehand where you are going to keep it. Pretty obviously, you have 2 choices, right? Home or boarded out. It’s so much more convenient to keep the animal on your own property, but if you don’t have enough land or adequate shelter that is usually out of the question. So, you find a good place to board it. Maybe you have a really nice neighbor who has a barn where you can keep your horse. You might even work something out whereby you could do chores in exchange for keeping him there.

Remember now, you are going to be the person who pays for the food your animal consumes, and that is going to mean hay, oats, and grain., even if you do work off the boarding fee. If you don’t know anyone, you are probably going to have to pay room and board at a stable that cares for lots of horses. Before you do this make sure you know how much it’s going to cost you and what is included in that amount. Do they provide the feed? Will they exercise your horse if you can’t get there? Oh, so many questions!


First Time Horse Owner Tidbits

Now, here are a few more tidbits of useful information that every first time horse owner should know.

Never think that tying your horse to a movable object is a good idea! If anything spooks your horse (and they are very easily spooked) that solid but movable object is going to become a monster in his eyes. Not only will he definitely try to run away, but can you imagine hundreds of pounds of horseflesh dragging something big, heavy, and undoubtedly making all kinds of racket behind him? What happens then? Well, he panics and tries to run even faster, demolishing everything in his path. Injuries happen very quickly this way. So, common sense rules here. Don’t tie him to anything he can drag away.


This is a bit of information to any parent who is contemplating buying a pony for their younger child. It is definitely not like owning a cat or dog, or even a chicken or a goat! Nope, even a small pony can cost you a fortune if you aren’t careful. And we all know how quickly kids lose interest in anything. Do you want to be the one caring for an animal that isn’t even big enough for an adult to ride? Before you even consider buying your kid a horse, sign them up for riding lessons to see how long their interest holds out. If you make it to six months and he/she is still going strong, then you can reconsider, but don’t jump into it right away!

See? Just plain old horse sense is all it takes to see the picture clearly! Horse owning is a big expense, but on the flip side, riding is fun and great exercise and horses are excellent companions for anyone, no matter what their age. Using your common sense can bring it all into perspective.

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