A Passion for Horses

Throughout history, men and women alike have had a passion for the horses they owned or admired. I know I have been enamored by the likes of horses in movies, on the racetrack, and in the show ring. You just can’t help it! These big, beautiful, talented animals just strike a chord in you that is unlike any other! I know from watching that magnificent thoroughbred Secretariat blaze his way to victory and into the hearts of people all over the world! I was awestruck, and remain so to this day. Nothing has moved me more than seeing that big red colt burning up the track on his way to another victory.


Horse Movies

Growing up I was fascinated by horses in movies. Remember Flicka? Or Trigger and Roy Rogers? I was glued to the set on Saturday mornings when my favorites galloped onto the screen! The Lone Ranger and his faithful steed Silver, Dale Evans and Buttermilk, Gene Autry and Champion the wonder horse! Or Fury, the untamed black stallion who only knew one master. Those were the days that brought out my horse-loving spirit, and I looked forward to Saturday morning with fervor. I suppose I could go on and on about the horses that galloped into my heart, and still have a special place there, but let’s move on.


Long Devoted History

Why do you suppose horses and humans have had such a long and devoted history together?  I probably don’t know the exact answer to that, but I can hazard a guess or two. Loyalty is one of the first things I can think of. A horse and the human it is devoted to have a special bond that can’t be broken. Remember Black Beauty? No matter how many years passed, or what this horse went through, he always remembered the first person who cared for, and loved him. I love that book, and still have it in my collection. Yes, I think loyalty is the reason why horses and humans have such a long history.

Connection Between Man and Horse

There is a connection between man and horse that is undefinable. No matter how you look at it, what could possibly make such a large beast willing to serve someone so much smaller than itself, and do so willingly? Not fear, that’s for sure! Something that could crush you that easily is certainly not afraid of you. Mutual respect? Undoubtedly. History shows us that men and horses have survived tragic occurrences since the beginning of time, and yet they still are as loyal and devoted today. This is an animal that will work for us, carry us for miles, drag a plow, pull a carriage, fight in wars alongside us, carry a policeman into the middle of chaos, yet still remain gentle enough to carry a child on its back. No wonder we have such a love affair with horses!


I know the way I feel about these spectacular animals is a feeling that will never go away. Just the sight of a horse galloping free, mane and tail streaming in the wind is enough to move me to tears! Silly? I don’t think so, and I know without a doubt that I am not the only one. For anyone who is lucky enough to have owned, or still own a horse-you are fortunate to have found a friend that expects nothing, but gives all.

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